Last Friday W’s 2021

imagehile I’ve liked the them posting, Friday W’s will be on pause for the forseeabl future.December will see a change up.Not an all out Blogmas but a month to transition seasons, test some new ideas, and we’ll, yes a little Christmas and New Year’s cheer.I’m another year older having celebrated my birthday with Thanksgiving yesterday, but feeling a restart is potentially my direction, at least in terms of the blog.

So here’s my last Friday recap, in W’s.

Where I’m going: I’m not sure.There’s Bingo at local Eagle’s club, several sisters want to play, but that falls into unnecessarily hanging around people I don’t know and likely them taking no precautions status.I may stay put most of weekend but the girls and I, my youngest school load aside, might do a little small business Saturday shopping.

I’ll also likely be in the office at least once next week, but then off to hear our daughter sing!

What I’m reading: Another reason to stay put us to read The Firekeepers Daughter by Friday.I did read the Thursday paper and the ads.Nothing to rush out for today.

What I’m listening to: I will now be able to hear Christmas music with no guilt if pushing the seasons.

I’m in the car so little but will be a good distraction from the news.

What I’m eating: Need I ask? I have leftover carrots and sweet potatoes.My sister sent turkey and ham back with me as well.Today I should eat as little as possible and let my body rest.If anyone is hungry, there’s leftovers every where.I’ll make veggie and chickpea masala to send back with my college kid likely Sunday morning.

I need a few things for it though.

Who I’m paying attention to: I’m paying attention to ripple effect changes if they come, with the decision to tap into oil reserves.Did you hear Canada is having to do that with

[maple syrup] as well?

Who needs to be (figuratively) slapped: My SIL told us her sister had to miss several family gatherings because a women at her church group has Covid and exposed all in the group to it.That’s not the slapping part- she suspected she had it, took the test, but still went to things while waiting for the results! Covid aside, people need to stop and think how their stupid actions can impact others.This whole group was 65 year olds and up too, and I know SIL’s sister has multiple comorbities.I’m happy B tested negative, but she quarantined herself while waiting and after results..

What do you think?

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