Joe Biden delivers astonishing rebuke to Boris Johnson accusing UK of ‘inflaming tensions’

imageJoe Biden issued a stern rebuke to Boris Johnson for ‘inflaming tensions’ in Northern Ireland and threatening the peace process – over Britain’s stance with the EU over the ‘sausage war’.The US President used his diplomats to express ‘great concern’ over the conflict and ‘strongly urged’ Britain to ‘stay cool’ and reach an agreement, even if that meant making ‘unpopular compromises’.He even seemed to threaten the possibility of a future trade deal with the United States, claiming that Britain accepting demands to stick to EU agricultural rules would mean the issue would not ‘negatively affect the chances’ of coming to a free trade deal with Britain.Mr Biden has begun his first foreign trip as president, consisting of eight days in Europe where he will meet Boris Johnson and his new wife Carrie, the rest of the G7 leaders, The Queen, NATO officials and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva.The President and his wife Jill left Washington on Wednesday morning and landed at Royal Air Force Mildenhall to address US Air Force personnel stationed in Britain.At the start of his speech he told the standing troops to sit by saying ‘at ease’, then said: ‘I keep forgetting I am president’.During his address, he said he would be meeting with Mr Putin to ‘let him know what I want him to know’; told the crowd that ‘global warming’ is the biggest threat to the US; teared up as he paid tribute to his late veteran son Beau; and boasted that ‘America is back’.When Mr Biden meets the Prime Minister today at St Michael’s Mount, a 17th-century castle on an island just off the coast of Cornwall, he is tipped to set up a new ‘Atlantic Charter’ modelled on the post-Second World War pact made by FDR and Winston Churchill, and will work to open up travel between the US and UK ‘as soon as possible’.

But the US President has ordered his officials to issue a rare diplomatic rebuke to the British Government for its continued opposition to checks at Northern Irish ports.Yael Lempert, charge d’affaires at the US Embassy in London, told Brexit Minister Lord Frost the UK’s stance was imperilling the peace process.She had been ordered to issue the diplomatic rebuke, known as a demarche, a step rarely taken between allies, The Times said.They are often issued alongside a summons for the country’s ambassador to attend the Foreign Office.Government minutes from June 3 reveal Lord Frost was told of President Biden’s ‘great concern’ in a tense encounter in which Ms Lempert is said to have ‘slowly and gravely read her instructions aloud’.She is said to have implied the UK had been ‘inflaming the rhetoric’ and asked if the Government would ‘keep it cool’.She also warned the dispute between Britain and the EU was ‘commanding the attention’ of Mr Biden ahead of his meeting with the PM today.The memo said the US ‘strongly urged’ Britain to come to a ‘negotiated settlement’ even if it meant ‘unpopular compromises’.

But Ms Lempert, who is America’s most senior diplomat in Britain, said that if the UK could accept demands to follow EU rules on agricultural standards, Mr Biden would ensure the matter ‘wouldn’t negatively affect the chances of reaching a US/UK free trade deal.’ The rebuke came as crunch talks between Britain and Brussels over sausage imports failed to make a breakthrough.European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic threatened to retaliate if the UK takes unilateral action to continue the flow of British-produced chilled meats to Northern Ireland.A ban affecting goods including burgers and chicken nuggets is due to come into force at the end of this month when a grace period expires.The EU yesterday threatened to launch a trade war against Britain if it fails to implement checks on goods entering Northern Ireland under the terms of the Brexit ‘divorce’ settlement.

After talks in London on averting a ‘sausage war’ ended without a breakthrough, European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic said patience with the UK was wearing ‘very, very thin’.His warning came after Brexit Minister Lord Frost refused to rule out the prospect that the UK could unilaterally delay imposing checks on British-made sausages and other chilled meats due to come into force at the end of the month.Following three-and-a-half hours of discussions at Admiralty House, Lord Frost accused Brussels of adopting an ‘extremely purist’ approach to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement signed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.But in a press conference afterwards, Mr Sefcovic insisted the EU has shown ‘enormous patience’ in the face of ‘numerous and fundamental gaps’ in the UK’s compliance with the agreement.It came as it emerged that Lord Frost will accompany Boris Johnson to the G7 summit in Cornwall this week to avoid a Brexit ambush by the EU.

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said the US does not want to see any action that would put at risk the Northern Ireland peace process, which the Protocol is designed to protect.Ahead of Mr Biden’s meeting with Mr Johnson on Thursday, before the G7 summit in Cornwall, Mr Sullivan said it is up to the two sides to find an agreed way forward.The Prime Minister said that there needed to be a solution to the Brexit row that protects the ‘economic and territorial integrity’ of the UK.

He told reporters in Cornwall: ‘On the Northern Ireland Protocol, let’s be absolutely clear the purpose is to uphold the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, to make sure that we keep the balance in relationships in Northern Ireland.’Of course, there’s a north-south dimension to that, between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, making sure that trade flows freely there.’There’s also an east-west dimension, that’s very, very clearly at the heart of what the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement is trying to do.’So, what we want to do is make sure that we can have a solution that guarantees the peace process, protects the peace process, but also guarantees the economic and territorial integrity of the whole United Kingdom.’ Mr Sefcovic warned that the EU’s patience with the UK over its implementation of post-Brexit border rules in the Northen Ireland Protocol governing trade was ‘wearing very, very thin’.

Speaking at a press conference in London after three-and-a-half hours of talks with Lord Frost, he claimed Brussels had shown ‘enormous patience’ with Britain.Mr Sefcovic said relations with the UK were ‘at a crossroads’ – and warned that Brussels was ready to launch retaliatory action if Mr Johnson extends the grace period.’Of course, as you would understand, the fact that I mentioned that we are at a crossroads means that our patience really is wearing very, very thin, and therefore we have to assess all options we have at our disposal,’ he added.’I was talking about the legal action, I was talking about arbitration, and of course I’m talking about the cross-retaliation.’ Mr Sefcovic said the EU ‘will not be shy’ in launching retaliation.He declined to set out the exact measures Brussels was willing to take, but suggested it could include retaliatory tariffs and quotas on British exports or ‘non-co-operation’ in areas like financial services.

The PM had said that his Brexit deal would not require any additional checks on goods traded between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.But Mr Sefcovic said proper implementation of the deal would require ‘many checks’.In a calculated barb, he suggested ministers may not have fully understood the consequences of the deal they were signing.’When the agreement was being negotiated it might be that our British partners could not fully estimate the consequences of the Brexit they had chosen – what it would mean to leave the single market and customs union, how complex it would be for business and government,’ he said.

Mr Sefcovic conceded that British meat products had been produced to the same standards as those in the EU for decades.But he said there was ‘no guarantee’ this would continue and claimed the import of sausages from the UK could cause ‘public health’ problems in the future.

He said the EU had offered a deal which would solve ’80 per cent of the problems’.This would involve the UK agreeing to align with EU standards on the relevant products – an idea the PM has ruled out.Mr Sefcovic said this could be on a ‘temporary’ basis, with the UK allowed to renegotiate if it strikes a major trade deal with the US.Lord Frost insisted there is still time to reach an agreement before the current ‘grace period’ for chilled meats ends, but said the UK will consider ‘all options’ if it proves impossible.A senior source later confirmed that includes the option of extending the grace period unilaterally.’The PM has been pretty clear that he can’t see a reason why we shouldn’t be able to sell the British banger in Northern Ireland.The biosecurity risk is zero.’ EU officials say without an agreement by July 1, there should be no fresh meat that moves from the British mainland to the province.

At their arrival on Wednesday night, Joe and Jill Biden received a warm welcome at the base, garnering several rounds of applause.They spoke outdoors as the sun set behind them.Both Bidens wore face masks but took them off to speak.President Biden also mentioned his late son Beau, a major in the Delaware Army National Guard.He teared up as he thanked military personnel the Royal Air Force Mildenhall for their service.’I wish my major was here to thank you as well,’ he said referencing his late son, who died of brain cancer in 2015.’You’re the best of our country,’ he added.

He also outlined the goals of his trip and the message he wanted to give to world: ‘The United States is back and the democracies of the world are standing together to face the toughest challenges.’ Biden said during his meetings with fellow leaders, he would focus on COVID, climate change, and on protecting themselves from ‘the growing threat of ransomware attacks…[and] the autocrats who are letting it happen.’ After his G7 meeting, Biden will meet in Brussels with NATO and EU leaders, where the Russian and Chinese threats will top the agenda.President Joe Biden’s first foreign trip as the US leader will feature a meeting with the Queen following the G7 summit.Here’s his full schedule to June 16: Wednesday, June 9 Biden and his wife, Jill, leave Washington on Wednesday morning.Their first stop in the UK will be at Royal Air Force Mildenhall to greet US Air Force personnel stationed there.Mildenhall is home to the 100th Air Refueling Wing, the only permanent US Air Force air refueling wing in the European theater.Thursday, June 10 Biden will meet Prime Minister Boris Johnson at St Michael’s Mount, a 17th-century castle on an island just off the coast of Cornwall.Jill Biden will have tea separately with the Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Johnson.

The Bidens are staying at Tregenna Castle Hotel n St Ives with the rest of the G7 leaders.

Friday, June 11 Biden will attend the G7 summit for three days starting on Friday, to work on US policy priorities such as the economy and allied unity.Saturday, June 12 Biden will attend more G7 summit meetings in Cornwall and have bilateral meetings with fellow G7 leaders.Jill Biden will meet members of Bude Surf Veterans, which helps UK military veterans through surfing.Sunday, June 13 Biden will finish his meetings at the G7 summit.

Afterward, the Bidens will meet Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.Then Biden will travel to Brussels for the night.Monday, June 14 Biden will meet NATO leaders and have a private meeting with the president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan.Tuesday, J u ne 15 Biden will hold more NATO meetings and then fly to Geneva for the night.

Wednesday, June 16 Biden will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, their first face-to-face meeting since Biden became president.White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Monday it was unclear whether the two leaders would hold a joint news conference after their talks.After his remarks, Biden left the stage to shake hands with service members.

Before the president spoke, Jill Biden admonished him to focus when she addressed the troops.’Joe pay attention,’ the first lady told the president.

She had just told the service members to sit down.President Biden, standing behind her, turned around to see the troops positioned behind the stage.That was when the first lady asked chided him to watch her as she addressed Air Force personnel at Royal Air Force Mildenhall.

In her brief remarks, the first lady thanked the troops for their service and touted her Joining Forces initiative – a group she formed with then-first lady Michelle Obama to support families of American troops.’I hope that you know how special you are.And we are so grateful for your and your family’s service,’ she said.Biden and his wife Jill, a university professor, touched down at RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk in Air Force One just after 7.30pm, kicking off the president’s eight-day trip to Europe.

The UK stop also includes face-to-face meetings with the Queen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.After speaking to troops, the Bidens head to Carbis Bay near St Ives, where the leaders of Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada will gather for three days to discuss the pandemic and climate change among other issues.Biden is scheduled to meet with Johnson for face-to-face talks Thursday – the first time the two men will have met in person – before the G7 Summit formally gets underway on Friday.When the summit ends on Sunday, the President and First Lady will meet the Queen at Windsor Castle.Biden will then depart for Brussels where he will attend a NATO summit and a joint US-EU summit before then heading to Geneva for a bilateral showdown with Putin.In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Biden said that the trip is about ‘realising America’s renewed commitment to our allies and partners’ as he attempts to build bridges with Britain and the EU after some leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel clashed with his predecessor Donald Trump.The Republican president engaged in a bitter trade row with the EU and slammed NATO members for failing to spend more on defense – sparking fears that he would pull the US out of the military alliance and embolden Russian activity in Ukraine and eastern Europe.

Trump also formally withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Agreement – both negotiated by Barack Obama.One of Biden’s first acts as President was to rejoin the climate accord and reopen nuclear talks with the Iranian government, as he sought to reverse the actions of the previous administration.The White House has said that Biden will meet with Johnson to ‘affirm the special relationship between our nations’ – a term which the prime minister reportedly dislikes because it is ‘too needy’.Whitehall is understood to have viewed the President’s decision to make the UK his first overseas destination as a major diplomatic victory for Johnson.The Prime Minister has lavished praised on Biden since he won power in the election last year, in the hope of striking a new free trade deal with the US.

However, there are concerns that he and the President may not get along, after Democratic sources previously questioned whether Johnson was an ‘ally’.Johnson had sought close relations with Trump, causing Biden to call him a ‘physical and emotional clone’ of the controversial Republican president.

Johnson faced fierce domestic criticism over his relationship with Trump, but has defended the ties and has insisted that prime ministers should always have the ‘best possible’ ties with sitting US presidents.There has also been speculation Johnson and Biden could struggle to work together because of the Prime Minister’s past criticism of Barack Obama, in whose administration Biden served as vice president.Biden is also expected to put pressure on the UK not to renege on the Northern Ireland Brexit Protocol in a bid to preserve the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.US concerns about the province’s trade status could even derail efforts to strike an Anglo-US trade deal.National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the BBC: ‘President Biden believes and has said that the Northern Ireland Protocol, as part of the agreement between the UK and the European Union, is critical to ensuring that the spirit, promise and future of the Good Friday Agreement is protected.’That being said, of course the UK and EU need to work out the specifics and the modalities on that, need to find some way to proceed that works both for the EU and the UK.But whatever way they find to proceed must, at its core, fundamentally protect the gains of the Good Friday Agreement and not imperil that.

‘And that is the message that President Biden will send when he is in Cornwall.’ However, there were positive signs in March of the ‘special relationship’ warming up after Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry visited London for talks with Johnson.The positive trend continued in May when US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington has ‘no closer partner’ than the UK.RAF Mildenhall has been home to US airforce personnel and equipment for decades.The Suffolk base has been used by the American military since 1950, providing Washington with a military foothold in Europe.Several units are still based there permanently, including the 100th Air Refuelling Wing and a branch of its special operations command.It had been originally earmarked for closure in 2022 after the Pentagon decided to scale down its military presence on the continent.However, that decision was later reversed and operations are due to continue at the base.

Biden will join others from the G7 group of leading economies in Carbis Bay on Friday, where Devon and Cornwall Police are expecting climate protests.Johnson plans to use the summit to urge the members – also including Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Italy – to ‘defeat’ Covid-19 by helping to vaccinate the world by the end of next year.

The White House said in April when it confirmed the trip to Europe that Biden will ‘highlight his commitment to restoring our alliances, revitalizing the Transatlantic relationship, and working in close cooperation with our allies and multilateral partners to address global challenges and better secure America’s interests’.During an official visit to the UK, Blinken said that the ‘special relationship’ is ‘enduring’, ‘effective’ and ‘dynamic’ as well as being ‘ close to the hearts of the American people’.Speaking at a press conference in Downing Street alongside Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Blinken said: ‘It is also the 75th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s famous speech at Westminster College in Missouri where he described the Special Relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States and how vital it is for our two countries and many others around the world.’Three quarters of a century later, that Special Relationship is enduring, it is effective, it is dynamic and it is close to the hearts of the American people.The United States has no closer ally, no closer partner, than the United Kingdom and I am very glad for the chance to say that again here today.’ The President’s security team for the Summit is reportedly so vast they will have to stay in more than 50 hired luxury camper vans because there is not enough accommodation.

The recreational vehicles have been delivered to St Mawgan airbase near Newquay, 20 miles from where the meeting of leaders takes place in the tiny Cornish resort of Carbis Bay at the weekend.

A 400-strong contingent of Secret Service agents and support staff will be at the summit, but with thousands of holidaymakers already in the area, almost every hotel and B&B in a 30-mile radius of the summit has been booked.Meanwhile, video footage showed two Sea King and three V-22 Osprey helicopters soaring above Cornwall and Devon as they practiced the route the President will take from the airbase to Tregenna Castle Resort, St Ives, after Air Force One lands at RAF Mildenhall and then Newquay airport on Wednesday.Some 1,000 police will be staying on a cruise liner docked in Falmouth harbour and others will stay in RVs currently parked up at the RAF airbase near Newquay.It comes after a long line of caravans clogged up the A30 on Monday as holidaymakers made their way to the southern-most point of England.One photograph shared on social media showed heavy traffic that had been ‘crawling’ for around 20 minutes near the Devon-Cornwall border.

The leaders of the world’s seven most advanced economies will arrive in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, on Friday for the start of the G7 summit.

The G7 consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the United States.Formal meetings between the seven leaders will then get underway on Saturday as leaders from guest nations, like Australia, also arrive.

The global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to prevent a future world health crisis are expected to dominate discussions.But climate change and trade matters are also expected to be discussed at length.Most of the G7’s formal business will be conducted behind closed doors but leaders frequently meet each other in the margins for bilateral talks which often begin on camera.The summit will draw to a close on Sunday afternoon after a morning of further talks with leaders often conducting individual press conferences before departing.

The UK, as the host nation, will issue a communique following the end of the event to set out what has been agreed.

Meanwhile for the summit, some 30 vehicles have been leased from a Somerset company called Empire RV, which usually supplies luxury vehicles for film shoots and Grand Prix events.The US camper vans are so large that the company warns many can only be driven by one of their experienced staff and are not available for self-drive hire.The most luxurious ones – some the size of an articulated lorry – can sleep up to eight people and come equipped with satellite TV and other comforts.

The RV sare expected to be driven to the Tregenna Hotel in Carbis Bay where the president is due to stay during the three-day conference.The castle boasts 98 bedrooms and is the grandest hotel in the county, featuring a 72-acre estate and an 18-hole golf course.The US motor homes have been rented for £2,500 each for a week by the US Embassy in London and include the 45ft long former RV used by Jensen Button when he was racing in Formula 1.A spokesman for Bristol based Empire RV said they had set up a mini village at the St Mawgan airbase.

A helicopter, which is dubbed Marine One when the US president is onboard, practised landing on the golf course at the Tregenna Castle Resort – where President Biden and the other leaders will stay – on Monday.Pilots familiarising the route they will take after Air Force One lands at Newquay Airport later this week have taken to the skies above Cornwall in recent days.Three US Marine Osprey aircraft have been seen over St Michael Mount and the Carbis Bay area.The aircrafts’ purpose is to fly White House staff during the President’s trips abroad.They also transport Secret Service agents that follow Marine One in case the helicopter goes down.

Ospreys were seen over Haldon Hills near Exeter at 8pm on Monday, where it is thought they may have just left Exeter Airport.By 8.40pm the aircraft were spotted landing at Tregenna Castle Resort.

The helicopters were seen landing at Carlyon Bay, St Austell, at 9.45pm, before descending onto Tregenna Castle Resort at 10.15pm.The aircraft were brought to the UK on the US Air Force’s Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.They were offloaded at the Royal Navy airbase Culdrose, near Helston, on Sunday.

The impressive US-military aircraft flew high over the steep sand dunes of Hayle beach, St Ives, at around 9.30pm on Monday.Boris Johnson’s dog Dilyn could be locked inside during the G7 summit – because there is a ban on dogs on the beach nearby.Strict Cornish rules for bathing beaches means dogs are not allowed in case they foul in the water or shoreline.Guidelines are set by the local council and people caught flouting them can be slapped with a fine.

Because Carbis Bay has premier ‘Blue Flag’ status for water cleanliness it, along with a handful of other Cornish beaches, has even more stringent rules than most.Dogs are banned from the beach at Carbis Bay between 8am and 5pm from Easter until September 30.Local dog owner Len Fizdark, 38, from nearby Lelant, said: ‘All the local people know the rules, but people visiting the area sometimes need to be reminded.’It sounds like Dilyn has reached a kind of Waterloo moment! He won’t be able to do his business on Carbis Bay during the day – it doesn’t matter if the PM picks it up or not, it’s not allowed.’Boris will have to do walkies somewhere else.’ Cornwall Council recently streamlined rules for dogs exercising on their beaches as there were different rules for almost every beach.Anyone caught breaking the rules – which only apply in the summer months – can be hit with a £100 fine.Boris, 56, and his wife Carrie, 33, adopted rescue dog Dilyn in 2019 after moving into No 10.

The Jack Russell-cross pup – which faced near-certain death after being abandoned by a Welsh farmer – now splits his time between Downing Street and the PM’s country retreat Chequers in Buckinghamshire.Carrie tweeted at the time they adopted Dilyn: ‘Thanks to the wonderful Eileen from @FOAWales who rescued Dilyn after she got a tip off that he was to be dumped by a puppy dealer because he was born with a crooked jaw.’Eileen fixed his little jaw & saved his life.She is a hero.’ Carrie’s first official duties as Mrs Johnson! Newlywed will meet First Lady Jill Biden for tea and tour St.Michael’s Mount in Cornwall ahead of the G7 summit America’s First Lady will meet with newlywed Carrie Symonds during her trip to the UK this week for the G7 summit, the White House has announced.In a statement released this afternoon, it was confirmed that President Joe Biden’s wife Jill, 70, will enjoy a visit with the new Mrs Johnson, 33, over tea on Thursday.Jill, a university professor, and Carrie, a former Tory aide, will then tour St.

Michael’s Mount off the coast of Cornwall, where the G7 summit is being held on Friday.Last week, Buckingham Palace announced that the First Lady and her husband President Biden will also meet with the Queen at Windosr Castle on June 13.’The President and First Lady will meet with The Right Honorable Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Mrs Carrie Johnson,’ the statement from the First Lady’s office read.’The First Lady and Mrs Johnson will meet separately over tea and then tour St.

Michael’s Mount off the coast of Cornwall.’ This weekend, when Mrs Johnson joins her new husband Boris at the G7 Summit, will be their first major engagement as a married couple.Carrie will be in charge of all the leaders’ spouses, including France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron, 68, Joachim Sauer, 72, husband of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, 46, wife of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.Boris and Carrie married in a private Catholic ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on May 29, with a small group of family and friends present.

They proceeded with a small reception in the Downing Street garden, where an official photograph of the bride and groom was taken.

The couple have already sent save-the-date cards for a wider celebration on July 30 next year.The couple’s one-year-old son Wilfred attended the small wedding in the cathedral where he had previously been baptised.The bride wore a rented long lace gown and a floral headband.She has taken the Prime Minister’s surname and is now known as Mrs Johnson.

It is understood Mrs Johnson was unhappy that an unofficial snap, presumed to have been taken by a guest, circulated on social media.Downing Street declined to comment on the timing of the wedding.

Meanwhile, President Biden is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Boris for face-to-face talks tomorrow – the first time the two men will have met in person – before the summit formally gets underway on Friday.When the summit ends on Sunday, the President and First Lady will meet the Queen at Windsor Castle.Mr Biden will then depart for Brussels where he will attend a NATO summit and a joint US-EU summit before then heading to Geneva in Switzerland for a bilateral showdown with Russian President Vladimir Putin.In an article for the Washington Post, Mr Biden announced that the trip is about ‘realising America’s renewed commitment to our allies and partners’ as he attempts to mend relations with Britain and the EU.

His predecessor Donald Trump engaged in a bitter trade row with the EU and slammed NATO members for failing to spend more on defence – sparking fears that he would pull the US out of the alliance.The Republican president also angered the international community after he formally withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Agreement – both negotiated by Barack Obama.One of Mr Biden’s first acts as President was to rejoin the climate accord and reopen nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic.Mr Biden also said that he would meet with Mr Johnson to ‘affirm the special relationship between our nations’ – a term which the British premier reportedly told the President that he hates because it is ‘too needy’.They’re set to meet over tea on Thursday ahead of the G7 summit – but just what will Jill Biden and Carrie Johnson have in common to talk about? Here, FEMAIL reveals the wives marriages, careers and supportive roles in their husbands’ lives.MARRIAGE CARRIE Rumours Mr Johnson and Ms Symonds were close emerged in 2018, after the then Tory communications chief offered him ‘private coaching’ to help him sell his vision for the party after Brexit.

They were later seen together at the famous London restaurant Rules on February 14 2018 – Valentine’s Day.Mr Johnson only announced his split with his wife, Marina Wheeler, on September 7, 2018.Boris and Carrie announced last February that they were engaged and expecting a baby – their son, Wilfred, was then born at the end of April.They now live in a flat above Number 11 Downing Street and adopted a Jack Russell-cross puppy called Dilyn.

Boris and Carrie married in a private Catholic ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on May 29, with a small group of family and friends present.JILL Dr Jill Biden is often described as her husband’s biggest defender and one of his most trusted political advisers.The talented 70-year-old, born in New Jersey, has been married to Joe Biden for 43 years, becoming a stepmother to Beau and Hunter Biden, his two sons from his first marriage, after their mother and baby sister died in a car accident in 1972.The First Lady was 24 when she met her now-husband – who was 33 at the time and serving as the Delaware Senator.

She had divorced her first husband – former college footballer Bill Stevenson – just a few months prior, and was set up on a blind date with Joe by his brother Frank, who she knew from college, having attended University of Delaware.Joe famously had to propose to Jill five times before she accepted his offer of marriage – and the English professor later revealed that she avoided marrying him for so long because she was afraid that their union might bring too much disruption to the lives of his sons Hunter and Beau.The couple married in 1977 at the United Nations chapel and a reception lunch at Sign of the Dove in New York City, and then took sons Beau and Hunter on their honeymoon.Their daughter was born in 1981.CAREER CARRIE Carrie joined the Tory party media machine in 2009, first as a press adviser, then head of broadcast at Conservative campaign headquarters ahead of the 2015 general election, before becoming communications chief in 2017.

However, she was forced to quit just months after being accused of abusing her expenses to the tune of thousands of pounds.Carrie was asked to leave her £80,000-a-year role after party chiefs said her performance was poor, having previously challenged her over taxi expenses.She declined to comment on the claims, which a close friend dismissed as nonsense and a bid to smear her by opponents of Brexit.

Carrie was the product of an affair between her father, Matthew, a founder of the Independent, and of newspaper lawyer Josephine McAfee while they were both were married to other people.Her mother raised her in a three-bed townhouse in East Sheen, South West London, while her father provided financial assistance, though he is not thought to have played a big role in his life.

Carrie was educated at the £20,000-a-year Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith, west London, which counts Nigella Lawson as a former pupil.She then went on to study theatre studies and history of art, graduating with a first from Warwick University.In 2021, it was announced Carrie had joined animal rights charity The Aspinall Foundation as its head of communications.JILL As well as serving as matriarch to the Biden family, Jill has also continued to uphold her career as a teacher and professor of writing at Northern Virginia Community College while fulfilling her role as First Lady.In 2007, she received a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership from the University of Delaware.

As Second Lady, she launched Joining Forces with then First Lady Michelle Obama, an initiative to support service members, veterans and their families.

She also launched a children’s book in 2012, Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops, which followed the story of their family’s experience with deployment through the eyes of Dr.Biden’s granddaughter, Natalie, in the year her father, Beau, was deployed to Iraq.SUPPORTIVE WIVES CARRIE Carrie has been by the PM’s side since she joined his staff in Downing Street on his arrival in July 2019.During Carrie and Boris Johnson’s relationship, she has been credited with attempts to transform his public image, with the PM swapping his previously unruly, slap-dash outfits to a noticeably more polished look, with neatly cropped hair and a significantly slimmer waistline last year.JILL Jill has shown unwavering support to Joe throughout his political career, serving as his Second Lady during the eight years he spent as Vice President to former President Barack Obama.Prior to that, she was credited with helping to ‘make her husband whole again’ after he suffered the tragic loss of his first wife Neilia and their infant daughter in a car crash in 1972.In his 2007 biography, Promises to Keep, Joe thanked his wife for ‘giving him back his life’ and making him feel ‘whole’ again, writing: ‘She gave me back my life.She made me start to think my family might be whole again.’.

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