DeSantis sending message that protesting is okay, but rioting is ‘unacceptable’: Florida sheriff

imagePolk County Sheriff Grady Judd joined “Fox & Friends” Tuesday and said that Florida Gov.Ron DeSantis’ new anti-rioting bill sends a message that protests are fine, but violence is not.DESANTIS SIGNS FLORIDA’S ‘ANTI-RIOT’ BILL INTO LAW GRADY JUDD: [The bill] reconfirms our commitment to keep the community safe.Governor DeSantis, Chris Sprowls–our Speaker of the House, Wilton Simpson our Senate President, worked together to say look, protests are fine.Peaceful protests are alright.But, rioting, looting, burning mom and pop out, ruining their lives—that’s not acceptable.

So this is all about keeping the 20 plus million people that live in Florida safe as well as the millions of people that visit with us every year…We’ve got the back of the community.But, if the government officials don’t have our back then it’s impossible to keep the community safe and that’s what we’ve seen throughout the nation.The government officials are saying stand down.

We have prosecutors saying we won’t prosecute.What do they think is gonna happen when you give the rioters permission to riot? CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW .

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