South Dakota GOP introduces legislation that would allow state to nullify Biden executive orders

imageShare your thoughts with friends.More Washington Examiner Naomi Lim Sunday February 21, 2021 White House press secretary Jen Psaki distanced President Biden from embattled New York Gov.Andrew Cuomo as the fellow Democrat faces investigations into the allegations that he covered up how many people died in his state’s nursing homes due to the coronavirus.Emma Colton Sunday February 21, 2021 Fox News’s Sean Hannity said that conservative radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh went through cancer “treatments that nearly killed him” in order to spend more time with his audience.Jake Dima Sunday February 21, 2021 New Mexico Democratic Gov.

Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly spent thousands of dollars in taxpayer money on luxury groceries, liquor, and dry cleaning, most of which was for her own personal use.Emma Colton Sunday February 21, 2021 Armed citizens near New Orleans are credited for helping stop a shooter and preventing more deaths from occurring during the fatal incident.Paul Bedard Sunday February 21, 2021 This week’s White House Report Card finds President Biden continuing to reverse former President Donald Trump’s actions, this time rejoining the Paris climate talks, reaching out to Iran, putting the welcome mat out for illegal immigrants, and rewriting Middle East policy.

Tyler Van Dyke Sunday February 21, 2021 BALTIMORE — The coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that followed have devastated businesses large and small, but they didn’t stop Keiller Kyle from following through on bringing a bread bakery to Little Italy’s renowned food scene.Josh Siegel Sunday February 21, 2021 Dan Brouillette, the Energy secretary in the Trump administration, says President Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry is “misguided” to think he can set aside the biggest confrontations with China to cooperate on combating climate change.Anna Giaritelli Sunday February 21, 2021 A congressman who is considered among the most loyal supporters of former President Donald Trump is pushing Congress to go further than even the previous administration attempted with a move to bar immigrants from federal assistance programs.Emily Brooks Sunday February 21, 2021 Rep.

Lauren Boebert may soon replace Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene as Democrats’ most hated and demonized House Republican.Salena Zito Sunday February 21, 2021 NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pennsylvania — Within moments of President Biden using the anniversary of a school shooting to call on Congress to take on new gun restrictions, Nathan Carey’s phone began ringing.The 37-year-old gun shop proprietor said he was fairly certain he knew what triggered it before taking the first call.Jerry Dunleavy Saturday February 20, 2021 President Biden’s nominee for attorney general, Judge Merrick Garland, cites the Justice Department’s century-and-a-half-old battle against the Ku Klux Klan as he sets his focus on prosecutions against rioters who stormed month in planned remarks for his Senate confirmation hearing on Monday.Katherine Doyle Saturday February 20, 2021 President Biden visited Bob Dole days after the former Republican presidential candidate and longtime U.S.senator announced a late-stage cancer diagnosis.

Mike Brest Saturday February 20, 2021 A plane landed safely after large pieces of it fell off while it was midair over a Colorado suburb.Mica Soellner Saturday February 20, 2021 Rep.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she raised more than $3 million while volunteering at a Houston food bank to help Texans hit hard by the extreme cold.

Katherine Doyle Saturday February 20, 2021 Former President Donald Trump intends to attack President Biden’s “disastrous amnesty and border policies” in a keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference, his first public speaking engagement since leaving office, a source told the Washington Examiner..

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